Monday, May 23, 2011

Well, later was an understatement! Here it is and more than a month has flown by before I got time to finish my post.
Why is writing so hard for me? It is never easy for me to write and too often that pushes writing to the back burner. I know some people. that can sit down at a keyboard and write pages without their brain ever going into high gear, for me I have to go into overdrive just to write a couple paragraphes.
Anyway, here are my comments on verses one through four, I hope for comments from the rest of you as we move further into Romans.

Who is Paul talking about in verse one? At first glance it appears that Paul is talking about who he is, but he talkes almost entirely of Christ. He says he is a bondservant of Christ, called by Christ, and separated to the gospel of Christ. I think it is incredible that even when Paul is giving a description of himself, he speaks only of Christ. I think Paul has a one track mind, namely Christ.
Verses two and three are Paul's defense of of what he is going to say in the book of Romans. He knew the Jews would say this Gospel (good news) he was preaching about was new and radical, but Paul starts by saying this is not a newfangled idea, it was already promised in the Old Testament. Paul also makes it very clear that this Gospel is Christ, and Christ is the Gospel.
In verse four Paul gives a defense for Christ being the Son of God. He said that the Holy Spirit declared Him to be the Son of God and He was confirmed to be valid by His resurrection from the dead.

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